The Idea

Unpack it, put on a vinyl, and immerse yourself – no matter when and where.

Simply connect it to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers and extend the tone arm with a smooth press of the button. Once the tone arm is out you will see the LED display on the right and you can choose the speed of the record you want to play. You can also connect it with any device having a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Now all you gotta do is to pick up your favorite record and enjoy the music. With only half the size of a vinyl-record, the Coturn CT-01 is always there when you need it - whether on a cozy sunday afternoon on the couch or while looking for new records at your sunday neighborhood fleamarket.

Bluetooth, WiFi, 16 hours of battery usage – the Coturn CT-01 offers the perfect mix between the essence of technology and the soul of music. It preserves a rich and organic vinyl sound, while the device itself works for the whole range of options, in which you might wanna use a turntable. For us it was of essential importance to create a high-quality portable turntable. While there have been a couple of portables already available on the market, we wanted to create a product not being made of plastic, and offering a satisfying sound for the experienced listeners and novices.

For the needle we are using a Audio-Technica AT 3600 which also can be replaced if needed. The WiFi module is manufactured by the established company Lintech and the individual pieces are being assembled in Germany. The minimalistic design and the intuitive interface-usage make this turntable a must have for every vinyl fan.

The Coturn CT-01 is not just an idea and a fancy rendering – it is a fully developed and functional device. The photos and videos you see are not just renderred illusions commonly used for pledges. These are authentic photos depicting the actual device.