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  • aptX Bluetooth Connectivity

    Simply listen to your favorite vinyls via your headphones, Bluetooth speakers or others. No matter where you want, no matter when you want!

  • Sound Quality

    Thanks to modern Bluetooth technology, you don't have to lose any sound quality compared to the cable connection.

  • Touch Screen

    Speed, volume and all settings can be made at home via touchscreen, just like with your turntable

  • Headphone Jack

    The CT-1 is one of the few portable turntables that feature a headphone jack. The headphone jack on the side of the player (3,5mm jack) can be easily regulated through the volume buttons.

  • Neutral Audio Output

    The Line-Out (3,5mm jack) is neutral. That means, the CT-1 can be easily paired not only with bluetooth devices, but all types of traditional devices by plugging a jack into the RCA connector.

  • High-quality materials

    The housing and all mechanical components are CNC milled from solid aluminum and then anodized. The Coturn is assembled by hand in Germany. Each device is carefully tested.

The Coturn has already made some vinyl lovers happy

  • “It’s fantastic!”

    Kenny Dope

  • “The Coturn sets new standards for mobile vinyl playback.”


  • “Amazing product”


  • “I'm totally happy and satisfied with the experience of CT-1 since I received it, hoping to purchase another one in the future. Thanks a lot.”




With the Coturn, Benjamin has not only fulfilled his own dream of a portable record player: the Bonn industrial designer receives inquiries from all over the world about his player, which sets new standards for mobile vinyl playback. Included...